User:Master Ceadeus 27
Master Ceadeus 27 has been on Wikia for over a year, and is quite active across Wikia. He fights vandalism whenever he sees it, in addition to editing well where editing is due (such as typo fixing, information fixing, et cetera). He is a bureaucrat at w:c:monsterhunterfanon, w:c:limestaen, and his test wiki can be found at w:c:moonquake-test. If you would like to contact him, his talk page is the best way. You may also use chat.
100px-11333115.pngPrince(ss) Platinum
User:Prince(ss) Platinum
Prince(ss) Platinum has been around Wikia since about August 2012, and is extremely skilled with PHP, JS, CSS, and HTML - not to mention wikitext. She's a common editor at w:c:creepypasta, where she is also a bureaucrat. To contact her, use her test wiki message wall, or her community message wall, or chat.
Yuzura has been on Wikia since July of 2012 and is seen as a very active editor and anti-vandal across Wikia. He is currently a member of the Wikia Stars and is seen helping at Community Central. He is an editor of many wikis, but is mainly seen as a bureaucrat on Rhythm Heaven Wiki and Xiaolinpedia, and an administrator on Adventure Time Wiki. He is very experienced with coding HTML and is considered "godly" with CSS. When he's not in the cabal, he is seen as an avid walrus otaku and gamer. Feel free to contact him via his Central message wall or on chat.
User:Atomic Angel
Atomic Angel has been on Wikia since May 2012, where she started on Warriors Wiki. While bold and loyal, she is indeed approachable. She's a bureaucrat on the Lost Odyssey Wiki, currently, and occasionally tests on her test Wiki- Starrystesting Wiki. If you would like to contact her, sending a message through Email User or private messaging her here on Community Central chat would be the best way.

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